P R O G R E S S    O N    S I T E

The Saffron at Sentul East
Construction Progress
October 2007


An aerial view of the project site.


A close view of Block A, B and C.


 Block A
 Level 6 to 21

  • Floor board : Level 6 to Level 21 completed
  • Timber skirting : Level 9 to Level 21 completed
  • Internal and external wall painting completed
  • Window glazing, sanitary ware installation, plaster ceiling and door leaf installation completed
  • Lockset installation in progress

 Block B
 Level 6 to 21

  • Floor board : Level 6 to Level 21 completed
  • Timber skirting : Level 6 to Level 12 completed
  • Internal and external painting completed
  • Window and door glazing completed
  • Sanitary ware installation completed
  • Door leaf installation completed

 Block C
 Architectural Works
 Level 5 to Level 28

  • Floor board and timber skirting in progress
  • Wall & floor tiling completed
  • Internal wall painting : Finish coat in progress
  • External wall painting completed
  • Sanitary ware installation in progress
  • Window and door glazing in progress
  • Door leaf and lockset installation in progress

 Block D
 Architectural Works
 Level 6 to Level 28

  • Floor screed completed
  • Wall & floor tiling completed (Level 5 in progress)
  • Internal wall skim coating completed
  • External wall plastering completed
  • External wall painting : Under coat completed, base coat in progress
  • Window glazing in progress
  • Plaster ceiling in progress
  • Installation of sanitary ware, door leaf and lockset in progress

Pool deck : Floor screed completed. Works on landscaping and swimming pool in progress.

Landscaping works at various sections of the pool deck is well underway.

Construction Progress
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